Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Saskatoon Baby & Toddler Adventures

Saskatoon Baby & Toddler Adventures
There are loads of things to do in Saskatoon with babes and toddlers in tow! Yet, as a brand new mom, there were several days when I felt completely uninspired to leave my PJ's, let alone the house. Eventually, I snapped out my hormone-induced funk and vowed to venture out at least once a day with my baby.

I have made it my goal to post 365 adventures for Saskatoon parents to try with their babies -- one activity for every day of your maternity or paternity leave. While some destinations like the Forestry Farm Zoo may seem obvious, others may not be places you would necessarily think of as "adventure destinations" like the grocery store

Let's face it:  every time you step foot outside of your home with your child is an adventure. You learn new organization skills, will perfect the use of all that new baby gear and your baby will be introduced to various aspects of our fair city for the first time.  Sounds like an adventure to me!
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    If you have some adventures you'd like to add, drop them in a comment below or shoot me a message through the email form at the bottom of the site.

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