{ ford focus on my city, stop 5: famoso pizzeria }

After hockey evaluations were finished, we were all famished. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria in Greystone Plaza on 8th would be our final stop on our "Ford Focus on My City" Saturday.

Whether you are visiting the 8th Street location, like us, or the Lawson Heights location, Famoso is a great place to eat with kids in Saskatoon.

We love watching the pizzas being hand-tossed and fired in the authentic Italian stone oven. This oven reaches up to 900 Fahrenheit and cooks the pizzas in 90 seconds!

Servers will bring kids a ball of dough to play with while they wait. My girlie really likes playing with the dough.

My son would rather spend his time before the food comes playing with the indoor or outdoor bocce ball sets. This is actually something I find the whole family can enjoy.  Bocce balls are quite heavy, so you will definitely want to supervise and demonstrate rolling verses throwing for young children. {Ask me how I know.}

It was a perfect night for enjoying Famoso's patio. 

The only thing that could have made it better would have been to have my husband join us. He was in the combine out at his family's farm and had to miss out on our wonderfully busy day in the Ford Focus. I'll have to bring him back some time for a date. While it is very kid-friendly, it would also be a fun place to go for some grown-up time as well. 

We each had one of their thin-crust Naples-inspired pizzas. They are likely different from other pizzas your kids will have tried.  But, if they are like mine, they will love it after they get the knack for eating it. {The slices kind of need to be folded up on the sides so the yummy toppings don't slide off.}

The kids' special includes a drink, a small pizzetta and a scoop of gelato or sorbetto for $7 to $9, depending on your choice of toppings. Regular sized pizzas range from $10 to $16.

Famoso's Nutella gelato was the perfect topper to our fun day zipping around Saskatoon in the 2015 Ford FocusWe were pretty pooped out after such a long day. We'll rest up and be ready for Day 2 of our "Ford Focus on My City" weekend. Stay tuned.

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