Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

play date at lawson heights mall

play date at lawson heights mall
If you haven't made it a point to organize a meet-up with a couple of the cool parents and kiddos you've been meeting during the 55 other Saskatoon Baby Adventures, I would recommend Lawson Heights Mall as a good "first date" location.

The play area located right by the food court is perfect for new walkers and even little crawlers! They can crawl around, over and through the teepee, tree, bridge, canoe, log, slide and hippo. Each of these playscape features are made of soft, cushiony plastic.  I also love that this play area is kept ultra clean.

Baby J loves the mall's stroller cars just as much, if not more, than the playscape. These are lined up by the playscape and are free to use. However, you must check one out with a food court attendee.

If the babies are up for a longer adventure, you could stay for lunch or hit some of the shops like Buttons 'n' Bows Children's Boutique just across from the play area.

Adjacent to both sets of ladies washrooms in Lawson Heights Mall is a childcare room for changing and feeding babies.

So, dig out those mommy networking cards that are collecting at the bottom of your diaper bag and pencil in a get-together for next week.  If you haven't collected any new digits lately, head to the play area anyway. You're sure to see other parents there with their kids and may meet someone new!

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