Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

get baby a library card

get baby a library card

Baby J, 5 months old

I started reading books to my baby from day one. I was amazed at how early he could focus on a page and even help turn them. Now as a toddler, each day he wants us to read every. single. board book. in the house. 

You know you're bored with your own board books when you can recite every page with your eyes closed. This is one of many reasons why I adore public libraries!

While you probably already have your own Saskatoon Public Library card, with the new provincial consortium in place, there is even more reason to get your baby his or her own libary card. There is now no late charge on children's material and a 10-cent increase on adult late charges. As always, Saskatoon Public Library cards are free.

So, today's adventure is simple as A-B-C:

A. Check the hours of operation before taking your baby to your nearest library.
B. Choose five new-to-you board books.
C. Ask for a library card for your child upon checking out. You may fill out the paperwork in advance and bring it with you if you'd like to make the outing a speedier one.

A library card is one of the most wonderful tools we have to help our children develop a lifelong love of reading.

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  1. Getting a library card for my children was the best thing we ever did. We always attend Family Story Time at the Rusty MacDonald library, and, afterwards, my girls choose stories to take home. They both absolutely love books and going to the library is one of our greatest bonding times.


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