Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

get dirty!

get dirty!
Think for a moment about how much of your day revolves around keeping a certain little creature squeaky clean. You likely clean hands and faces before and after three meals and two snacks a day; you brush little teeth twice a day; you clean up countless diaper messes in a week's time; bath time is a nightly ritual for you, and your washer and dryer are probably filled with this little person's laundry at this very moment. 

So, why in the world, would I try to convince you to go out and get messy today?  Because it is too much fun!

The melted snow and rain have left behind little pint-sized adventures for us in parks, back alleys and other low-lying areas of the city. My son logged significant time this afternoon picking up rocks and throwing them into mud puddles. I showed him how they plop when they hit the dirty water, and he was hooked!

The weather was so beautiful today, and it looks like there is more where that came from!  So, go on, find your nearest puddle and jump in! 

(If you happen to snap a picture of your muddy adventure, be sure to post it to our Facebook fan page or e-mail it to us.)

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