{ ford focus on my city, stop 6: the berry barn }

On day 2 of our "Ford Focus on My City" weekend in Saskatoon, we slept in! {With my early risers, a good sleep-in for us is anything after 7 a.m.}

We went to church and then picked up a friend on our way out to our lunch reservation at The Berry Barn.  I absolutely love being out there at this time of year. 

The kids ordered off the $6.99 kids menu and my friend and I both chose the same thing: the perogy platter. We also splurged on their yummy Saskatoon berry pie. {Next week's theme will need to be "Focus on My Waistline."}

The food is always good but, to me, the best part about eating at The Berry Barn {besides pie} is exploring the gorgeous grounds. The kids enjoy it, too. Just how do they get their flowers to be so beautiful?

{I don't recall this big fellow being there last time I was.}
The reflections of the clouds and geese on the river were spectacular.

We spent a considerable amount of time just swaying in this swing. 

We could have stayed relaxing for much longer, but we don't want to miss out on our next stop: the Tierra del Sol Pumpkin Festival.

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