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giggle at the gophers

giggle at the gophers
Little J and I went to the lovely Delta Bessborough today to pick up the free Children's Festival tickets for followers.  After going inside the "big castle," and a quick trip up and down in the elevator, I decided to extend our adventure as the sun prevailed for a few short hours this afternoon.

We walked down the sidewalk on the north side (or right as you come out the front doors) of the Bess, which overlooks the fountain as you enter Kiwanis Memorial Park. We proceeded to walk behind the Bessborough, splashing in several puddles along the way.

There were so many birds out to play: red-breasted robins, regal magpies and several other little birdie species that I don't have names for.

As we walked up the sidewalk on the southwest side of the Bessborough (which is on the left of the building as you walk up from behind it), there just outside of the bushes along the fence of the Delta parking lot was a curious family of gophers.  I counted 13 of them!  Little J got so close that I had to call him away because I was frightened that they might bite.

I didn't bring my camera and my Blackberry was full, so we'll have to go back to capture the cute little gopher herd on film. This little guy I snapped last year will have to do until I can make it back.


  1. The "big castle" (Bess) is "Cinderella's castle" in our family. We were at the real deal in Florida when our little guy was 2, and at 5 he's still convinced the Bessborough is also Cinderella's castle. Someone really should host a Royal Ball there for kids! ...or if someone is already doing that, make sure you fill us in when it comes up this year. Your site is a great resource!

  2. Thanks! I'm going to put your cute Royal Ball idea on my list of brainstorms and dream on that one for a bit. That would be so much fun!


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