Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

the better good

I challenge you to look through your child's toy box and find something that is not made in China. If you are interested in some more sustainable options, visit The Better Good on Broadway.

The Better Good, owned by Saskatoon parents Corey and Laura Neufeld, offers products that fit into at least one of these categories: local, fair trade, natural, organic, reused, recycled, renewable or handmade. Take these Ukoonto blocks for example. This set of 50 blocks is made in Hamilton, Ontario, from 100 percent recycled, unpainted maple.

Every product is for “the better good” of our health, our community, our planet and those who produce the products. It’s sort of tough to say that about all those plastic Chinese imports that somehow ended up in my living room floor.

The Better Good is so much fun to browse around. Even the most ordinary product in the store has an interesting story and a higher purpose behind it.

Parents can also appreciate that the aisles are wide enough for stroller access, and there are usually some toys out to test-drive.

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