Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Picnic and Climb at Meewasin Park

Picnic and Climb at Meewasin Park

I've decided to embrace a new verb that has been floating around social media recently: Saskatooning. Now that spring has sprung, I am even more inspired to go Saskatooning with my family and to share my Saskatooning with you in hopes that you might feel inspired to do some Saskatooning of your own.

{Turns out Saskatooning is the name of Tourism Saskatoon's new blog, which you'll want to check out.}

Today was my girlie's final day of winter session at Can-Am Gymnastics. To celebrate, we decided to pick up her favourite treat {Wendy's} and head down to Spadina Crescent for a picnic and playtime.

My family enjoys visiting Meewasin Park. It is a nice place to park, take a riverside stroll, have a picnic and get some climbing and sliding in at the playground. {Perhaps the most family-friendly feature of the whole area is the fairly-well-maintained public washrooms.}

Today at Meewasin Park, my 4-year-old and I sat in the sunshine and read over her gymnastics report card line by line. The teacher commented, and I recognize as well, that she has progressed in her body awareness and skills.

She timidly began the class, not wanting to try a forward roll or swing out on the bars. But, with a little encouragement and practice, she faced her fears and received an "M" for "mastered" in all areas of her report card!

After I explained what it meant to "master" something, she said, "I can master those bars, too, Mama." And, away she went to climb on the various types of climbing walls and bars at the playground. When she'd get to the top, she would smile and say, "Mastered!"

The Meewasin Park slide is always a big hit, and so are its birds. With all the surrounding trees and nearby river, Meewasin Park is a great place for bird-watching and listening.

With so many wonderful local parks and playgrounds to explore, we have lots of Saskatooning we could do this Spring. Join us?

Click through my Instagram slideshow below for more pictures of our most recent visit to the Meewasin Park playground.


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