Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

reservations for two (and a half) at keo's

Judging by the lack of response to our Facebook fan page question, "How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?" I can only assume many of you have no plans for this annual day of love and affection.

Just because you don't have a babysitter lined up already for some point during the long weekend, doesn't mean that you can't go out for a nice, romantic evening. Just make reservations for two and a half (or whatever count your family is up to these days) at one of the parent-friendly restaurants in Saskatoon.

My recommendation would be for Keo's Kitchen, either at 1013 Broadway or 129 2nd Avenue North.*  They weren't voted Saskatoon's Best Thai Restaurant several years running for nothing! The food is always fresh and delicious, and the atmosphere is always welcoming and child-friendly. Keo's on Broadway has high chairs, the strap-to-the-chair type and boosters. They also have a change table and a stall large enough to fit multiple kids or a stroller. The downtown restaurant also has a change table and has the old-school wooden high chairs without straps.

Finish the evening off with a drive down Sask Crescent, where you can brake for a few smooches overlooking our beautiful city.

Or, as our friend Kirsty honestly shared on FB, maybe your idea of a sweet Valentine's Day this year will be as simple as sleeping in! (Ah, if only it WAS simple, right?!) A little love and affection for yourself is a completely valid way to spend the day!

Share your Valentine's Day thoughts and experiences in the comments section below or on's fan page on Facebook.

* It appears the Broadway Keo's is booking quickly, but will have walk-in availability Saturday and Sunday and open reservation space on Monday. The downtown location is accepting reservations for Saturday, but is closed Sunday and Monday nights. Call 652-2533 for the Broadway location and 652-5367 for the downtown Keo's.


  1. we took our son to the Mendel in the Morning for Valentine's day. He loved the colours of the exhibits, but mostly he loved running around in the atrium pointing out all the flowers.

  2. We spent the morning at the hockey rink watching our girls play - not the most romantic but with three kids who play hockey you take what you can get! Our sitter was busy that evening so we enjoyed an evening at home with our children watching the Olympics and Canada's excitement over the first Gold medal. My oldest children gave us Valentines that day so that is always a special treat. It's a great day to spend with the ones you love - big or small!


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