Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

massey park

massey park
Massey Park, located at 815 Ninth Street E in the Nutana neighbourhood, is a great park for all ages.  It has two sets of play structures: one for little kids and another for big kids.

One area is perfect for little crawlers and walkers with low approaches to the following features: 
~ two short side-by-side slides
~ one slightly larger slide
~ a steering wheel
~ three infant swings
~ a small four-person teeter-totter
~ a flip-through picture wall

The ground in this area is covered in wood chips.

The sand-lot playground for older kids features taller approaches to:
~ a fast, curved slide
~ a straight slide with a strange stop at the bottom (Make sure your children take extra care on the first slide down.)
~ tires to climb
~ monkey bars
~ a fireman's pole
~ one regular swing
~ a tire swing

The park also has nice benches, a picnic area, paths, trees, green space and plants.

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