Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

take a kinsmen home lottery tour

Looks like cool, rainy weather will prevail for the next few days here in the city. Damp and dreary days always make me want to curl up and stay at home. But because of my promise to myself to venture out with my little one at least once a day, I have decided to get out the door and spend some time in my future home (if I'm lucky) -- the 2010 Kinsmen Lottery Show Home!

I always enjoy the smell of a new home when I’m taking an indoor sightseeing tour. The freshly painted walls, new appliances and scuff-free hardwood floors always makes me wonder how long until the new scent wears off and is replaced with toy-tractor wall bruises, appliance dents and the lived in smell of a family.  It is fun to walk the halls of a home that might be a lot-a-bit over our family’s price range for a house, but definitely within a dream’s reach!

The 2,600-square-foot, $920,000 grand-prize show home is located at #67-602 Cartwright Street and backs up to the fifth hole of The Willows golf course. The home opens for viewing Saturday, May 1. On weekends and holidays the home is open noon to 5 p.m. You may view it on weekdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon is very active in our community, supporting many organizations that help children and families in need, so if you do purchase a ticket for the lottery your funds will be put towards a good cause.

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