Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

isinger park at river landing

isinger park at river landing
Isinger Park opened in August 2009 as part of the River Landing project. It is located near the Saskatoon Farmers' Market off Avenue B and 19th Street.

The play areas are set up on a black, spongey surface. This is great for cushioning falls, and is perfect place to play without rain boots on a soggy day. The dark ground and no trees make it a bit uncomfortable on ultra-hot days.

It features a couple unique nautically themed playscapes that provide something for all ages to enjoy:

~ a small slide with an easy approach
~ a small hammock swing
~ climbing walls and rope ladders
~ a tilted merry-go-round ring
~ multi-seat see-saw
~ a couple spring bouncy riders
~ a twirling boat-shaped activity area
~ a separate advanced climbing structure (You can barely see this in the background beyond the photo of the bouncy rider....I'll snap more pictures during our next visit.)
~ several park benches
~ no shade trees

There is free parking in the fenced off area near the Farmers' Market off of Avenue C, just a short walk from the park.  The areas directly surrounding the park itself are now paid parking spots.

What do you and your kids think about this park?


  1. Its within walking distance of my home so I try to get a walk over there daily if possible. My boys are still a lil too small to enjoy the park but i enjoy the walk and the fresh air

  2. some of my "mom" friends and I have a standing playdate at this playground every wednesday morning - it's a great location for mom's who have little ones and older kids, there's fun for all ages!!

  3. we LOVE this playground! i think my husband most of all - that merry-go-round thing is his favourite.


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