Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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Feeding the Fam

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

cosmopolitan park

cosmopolitan park
What a beautiful weekend for a long walk! My family took a walk down one of our old stand-by trails along the South Saskatchewan River today.  

The stretch of the Meewasin Trail between Broadway Bridge and College Bridge along Saskatchewan Crescent features an upper trail and a lower trail. There is a nice lookout on the upper trail -- referred to as Cosmopolitan Park on the trail maps -- that provides an interesting timeline of the growth of downtown Saskatoon from "settlers' tents to skyscrapers."  It has been said that this area is one of the best bird-watching sites in the city as well.

My new mom friends and I took many a walk on this trail during that first year with our little ones. The trail is the perfect width for pushing two strollers side-by-side as you commiserate about lacking sleep and trade ideas for new solid foods to introduce. The picture to the right was taken a year ago, when Baby J would sleep through most of our walks. It was nice back then, but it was even more fun today having him walking on his own beside us for a portion of the trail.

The benches scattered along the trail always seem to be at perfectly timed intervals for a feeding break, a diaper change or, most recently, a time-out chair.

At this time of year, a warm beverage from one of the nearby local coffee shops is a must-have part of our Meewasin adventures: Broadway Roastery, Calories, Pacific Gallery Fine Arts Café, take your pick. 

There are many adventures to be had along the 60- kilometer Meewasin Trail. Stay tuned for more ideas for outings, or create your own with the help of this trail brochure.

Share your favourite stretches of the Meewasin Trail in the comments section below and share photos of your Meewasin moments on the wall of our Facebook fan page.


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