Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

play village at kinsmen park

play village at kinsmen park
It feels strange to write another article about Kinsmen Park. (See also #109 and #113.) However, we find it virtually impossible to fit in all of the adventures from this 100-year-old, 29-acre space before nap time! So, I decided to cover this park in a series.

Today I must share my love for the Play Village playground at Kinsmen Park. It features:

~ one large T-bar swing
~ one regular swing
~ two cool circular swings
~ two side-by-side smaller slides
~ one larger slide
~ fort-like play structure
~ climbing walls
~ a moving balance beam
~ paper, rock, scissors game
~ sign language alphabet chart
~ other little play structures to explore

There is also a supervised paddling pool with a pelican slide from June through August in this location. 
From the timeless train and carousel to the lovely trees and green space and playground, The Kinsmen Park of Saskatoon has so many lovely things for children of all ages to enjoy!


  1. can't wait to see my girls go down the pelican, its a tradition in our family

  2. The Pelican and wading pool at the Kinsmen Play Village will open for the summer on Friday, June 4.


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