Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

have a ball at market mall

have a ball at market mall
Market Mall on Preston Avenue offers many free attractions for little tykes.

My son's favourite spot in the mall is the koi pond, located beside the mini-golf course. He paces the pond's railing incessantly, pausing only to give the nearby one-eyed seeing eye dog statue a hug. (You'll see what I'm talking about when you go on your own adventure.)

At various locations around the mall there are a mechanical horse, a sea-creature merry-go-round, a bulldozer, several little cars and a boat that he is thrilled to sit still on. (Save your loonies as long as you can!)

For the little climbers and sliders in your life, there is a free kid's playland beside the food court complete with tables for hungry parents.

This age group also will enjoy the Children's Discovery Museum, also located within Market Mall. Tim Hortons is sponsoring free admission to the museum on the seventh of each month in 2010, and children under the age of 1 are always free.

Since this mall does not have your average mall madness, I have found it to be a fairly stress-free space to chase my new little walker around while he explores. And, as one Sask mom pointed out on our Facebook discussion board, there are many "nice elderly grannies to interact with your little one." Baby J and I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of Market Mall as well.

There, of course, are change stations in the washrooms, and there is evidently a "mother's room" somewhere in the mall. (I'll keep exploring, but I have not located that yet.)

Stay tuned to for additional Market Mall adventures, such as the Baby Crawl infant races. (Get your babes in training now! The first one of the year is coming up in March.)


  1. The family room is straight down the hall to the left of the play area(towards the other washrooms):)


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