Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

{ ford focus on my city, stop 4: schroh arena }

{ ford focus on my city, stop 4: schroh arena }
When I submitted my itinerary to Ford Canada for its "Ford Focus on My City" campaign, I had no idea we would have a flag football game and two novice hockey evaluations scheduled for that weekend. This added a bit more running around to the day than I had bargained for, but at least we had a fun new vehicle to do it all in.

With all this driving around, I was able to find out quite a bit about the vehicle we were given. One interesting fact about the 2015 Ford Focus is that it has an auto start-stop feature that shuts down the engine when the vehicle has stopped. I hadn't read about this beforehand, so I was perplexed when I was stopped at the first few lights, shifted into neutral, took my foot off the clutch and the car shut off. The engine is so quiet, and the fan, audio and lights stay on, so I didn't notice it shutting down at first. When I did notice, I freaked out a little. My freak-out was short-lived, because as soon as I shifted back into gear, the car immediately came back on.

I was able to read up on it afterward. In the city, vehicles can be stationary for almost 35 percent of the time. By turning off, the Ford Focus engine helps reduce fuel usage and emissions.

When I was parallel parking in Downtown Saskatoon, I also appreciated the rearview camera {which is evidently standard on all Focus models} and its reverse sensing system. These two features also gave increased peace of mind when I was backing out of the Schroh Arena. Because there were lots of kids running around the parking lot after hockey, I was thankful for an extra set of eyes and "beeps" to help me make sure nothing, or no one, was in my trajectory.

I mainly just love how this vehicle feels like a sports car, yet can still fit all my kids' sports gear in the back. Score!

My little hockey player was thrilled to be back on the ice {but let's not get me started about four weekend hockey evaluations for 6-year-olds}.
The snacks I packed in the morning were long gone, and we were hungry. After our hour-long hockey detour, we were back in the car for the final stop of the day -- Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria.

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