Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

North Battleford Western Development Museum

North Battleford Western Development Museum

We recently headed out to the Battlefords to hang out with my in-laws and enjoy the Jackfish Lake area for a few days. On our way back home to Saskatoon, we planned a quick stop in at the North Battleford Western Development Museum at the junction of Highways 16 and 40. Our "quick stop" easily turned into several hours of exploration.

Each of the Saskatchewan Western Development Museums have a different heritage theme and experience. While Saskatoon's WDM theme is 1910 Boomtown, North Battleford's is its Heritage Farm & Village

As we took the self-guided tour through the outdoor village, I was amazed at the scale. With 38 well-preserved buildings covering over 100 acres, it really felt as though we were walking through small-town Main Street, Saskatchewan, in the 1920s.

Our favourite outdoor exhibits {and we had several} were the Grey School, the Co-op Store, a Ukrainian Pioneer Home and church built in 1910, the Railway Station and train and the John Deere Building.

{Pardon this shout out to my little brother who is a JD salesman in Oklahoma. Miss ya, Roy!} 

We learned about the inner-workings of a grain elevator, sipped lemonade in the old tea room, and just had loads of opportunities for interactive role playing and learning.

The part my frugal husband likely enjoyed the most? We didn't have to pay admission as card-carrying Western Development Museum family members! 

We have enjoyed a family membership to the Western Development Museum for the past five years. Each year I feel it pays for itself with the number of times we visit the Saskatoon WDM, attend special events and eat at the Boomtown CafĂ©. {Did you know WDM members get 10% off menu items?} 

Before this weekend, I had never taken advantage of using my membership card to visit any of the other three WDMs in Saskatchewan, but I hope to make it to the remaining two museums in Moose Jaw and Yorkton very soon.

While the North Battleford WDM indoor exhibit gallery is open year-round, the outdoor village area is only open from the beginning of May to mid-October. 

I came away feeling that if we had made the 130-kilometre road-trip just to visit this museum, it still would have been worth it. The North Battleford Western Development Museum is a wonderful addition to our Saskatchewan staycation list.

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