Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast

Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast
This spot. This was a destination I had been drawn to for a couple years.

A friend of mine moved to Portland a few years back, and some of her first pictures from the area were of Cannon Beach. {I just relocated that first picture, which Instagram tells me was posted 90 weeks ago. Underneath it I had written, "So gorgeous! So visiting someday!"}

That "someday" happened even sooner than I imagined. When my husband told me his meeting was in Vancouver, I pretty much immediately began searching how long it would take us to drive from there to Cannon Beach.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my friend ended up back in Saskatchewan while I was visiting her new hometown. {Bummer.} Since I had seen so many pictures of her family enjoying this beach, she still felt very near.

Cannon Beach is a 90-minute drive from Portalnd on Highway 26 West. As we left Portland, there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was 100F/37C. We were unprepared for the foggy, windy 63F/17C weather at the beach.

Cold or not, this place was spectacular with the crashing waves, sugar-soft sand and Haystack Rock--a magnificent 235-foot-tall sea stack.

We enjoyed a picnic, daring each other in and out of the freezing waves, warming ourselves up lying in the warm sand and forming all sorts of collections. Each of the kids had fistfuls of shells, feathers, sticks and rocks. {We were pleased to find several smooth, black rocks that made excellent hand-warmers.}

My daughter discovered a "magic stick" that she carried around for at least half and hour. She had been writing in the sand with it and waving it around as she pranced about. When she began complaining of a sore toe, my husband suggested she use her magic stick to fix it. She stooped over, waved the stick over her toe dramatically, glared at the stick in disappointment, shook her head and tossed it away.

{While on the subject of collecting, this is the handmade butterfly skirt I bought at the Portland Saturday Market the day before. The wind and I don't quite do it justice, but I still love it.} 

As we turned away from Haystack Rock to make our way back up the beach, I stopped. I told my husband I would catch up with them in a few minutes. I felt like I needed to pause and take a moment to fully acknowledge the ones who had led us to this magnificent moment in time on that particular beach. . . . my God, my friend and my daughter in heaven Ava Faith.

Ava unknowingly introduced me to my friend who moved to Portland and posted so many lovely pictures of Cannon Beach. I met this person when I was pregnant with Ava. She became my doula. She was beside us in the hospital assessment room as we were told the devastating news, and for the next 15 hours of labour she knelt by my side and helped guide my breath. She joined my husband in holding my hands as Ava was born still via cesarean. She has encouraged me in so many thoughtful ways in the days, months and years that have passed since. {I will always love you, Avril.}

As I stood on this beach, I couldn't help but think of my sweet friend. When I think of her, I cannot help but think of our precious Ava Faith.

I wrote my daughter's beautiful name in the sand. I cried. I prayed. I thanked God for the precious moments spent with my family. I thanked Him for the gift of children, including the ones that He holds for us in heaven. I asked Him to tell my girl Ava how much I love and miss her and to please let her see what a difference she continues to make in my life.

I turned back, running to catch up with these dear ones and letting the brisk wind kiss away the tears.

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