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welcome fall in saskatoon

welcome fall in saskatoon

We are having such a lovely start to fall, aren't we? We hope to make the most of this beautiful time of year in our fair city with some of the following local ideas. We would love to hear your ideas as well!
  • Gather leaves in your neighbourhood for a fall foliage collection or craft. Little J and I pressed some leaves between newspaper pages with heavy books stacked on top to dry them out for a few days. We placed the finished products pictured here in plastic page protectors bound with twine for Little J to bring for Sharing Day at school. {I can't be the only parent who struggles with weekly Sharing Day ideas, can I?!}
What fall-time activities do you and your family look forward to in Saskatoon? 

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  1. Went for a long walk at Crocus Prairie today and the foliage was beautiful!


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