Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

learn about cloth diapering

learn about cloth diapering
Are you interested in cloth diapering information but are unsure where to start? Shari Hinz, managing director of Baby Luv Boutique, hosts regular cloth diaper workshops here in Saskatoon.

Baby J at 4 months in his Fuzzi Bunz diaper
purchased from Baby Luv Boutique

During the workshops, she discusses what you do and don't need to get started with cloth diapering, how to care for diapers and how to use them at night and away from home.

When I was researching cloth diapering as an option for my baby, I turned to Baby Luv Boutique. Shari is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and helped me pinpoint the brand of cloth diaper that would best serve our purposes. I purchased all of my son's cloth diapers from Baby Luv Boutique and experienced above-and-beyond customer service.

Something I found to be particularly useful in my decision-making process was the detailed comparison that Shari provides between cloth and disposables.  She shares the financial, environmental and lifestyle choices that each diapering method entails so parents can choose the path that best suits their family. {Click here for a guest article Shari wrote for in February 2010 that highlights a few of these comparisons.}

Shari's next workshop is scheduled for October 5, 2013.  Click here to register online or e-mail Shari for more information.

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