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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas celebrates its first year celebrates its first year
This morning, Little J and I celebrated the second birthday of a real life Baby New Year. (Hope you had a great day, Isaac!)

Today also marked a year since my baby hatched.  As I have reflected on this today, I can’t help but compare this year's journey to my first 365 days of motherhood.

I have had several glowing-Mommy moments in this venture --receiving numerous warm e-mails of thanks and support from local moms, gaining nearly 14,000 regular followers mostly through word-of-mouth and meeting some fantastic people in the process.

I have also had a few poop-up-the-back moments -- expectations of myself that proved to be unrealistic, less-than-timely responses to an unexpected deluge of e-mail requests for my time and attention and a dizzying loss of work-life balance on a number of occasions.

Looking back on my November 2009 post about my first year of parenthood, I seemed to have gained peace by ultimately trusting my instincts and occasionally peeking up at the larger canvas during the more overwhelming moments.  This approach should also prove useful as I continue my " service" (as I like to call it) in 2011.

This evening, I have been looking back on some of the 400-plus postings I have made over the year. The one with the greatest significance to me on this day is a post from December 31, 2009, written just minutes before midnight. In it, I was able to verbalize both my personal and community visions for this blog. I can honestly say that these desires remain as strong today as they did a year ago, and I'm excited about pursuing them again in 2011.

I'd love to hear your feedback, experiences and ideas for moving forward. 2011 is going to be another fabulous year -- I can feel it!

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