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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas ready to hatch ready to hatch
In exactly 20 minutes, a dream I've been roosting on for more than a year is about to hatch. I will officially launch on Jan. 1, 2010!

The dream was conceived while I was pregnant with my son.  I hungered for information, resources and connections with other parents in the same way I craved spaghetti for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the time. As someone who was fairly new to Saskatoon, I felt especially in the dark about what the city had to offer families. I did loads of Internet research and found some interesting things, but I felt the specific kind of local content I was looking for was lacking.

I have been planning and tweaking and writing content for this site for months. The procrastinating perfectionist in me keeps telling me that we're not quite ready.  The optimistic dreamer in me tells me I just have to release it and all will fall into place.

It is my desire to use my passions for writing and research for the common good and for the good of my own familiy. It is my hope that my dream will positively impact my community -- that it will empower those who care for the children of Saskatoon, that it will inspire local pride, that it will help connect parents in our community through shared experiences.

So, as the countdown to the realization of this dream winds down, I don't want to lose sight of the fact that this is not only the culmination of a personal vision, but also a long-term vision of discovery, sharing and growth for all families in Saskatoon.

2010 is going to be a fabulous year -- I can feel it!

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