first speech

Today I had my first speaking engagement! I was honoured to be invited to speak to several cool women at the Holy Family Catholic Church weekly mom's group. Baby J came with me for moral support.

I shared a little bit about my vision for the site, why I started it, the site's current features and ideas for expansion in the future. I also gave away a couple water bottles as door prizes.

During a question and answer period, I was asked a great question. What are my top five favourite Saskatoon Baby Adventures that I have written about so far?  Here are the ones that came to mind.  Each is a free, fun outing that my baby and I have enjoyed doing together this winter.

1. Museum of Natural Resources (#41)
2. The Zoo in Winter (#50)
3. Market Mall (#27)
4. Nurturing with Rhymes (#59)
5. Lawson Heights Mall play area (#56)

With darn near 70 adventures under our belts, what have been your favourite Saskatoon Baby Adventures so far? Share your thoughts and you will be entered for a chance to receive a free pass for Movies for Mommies (#14 --- another great baby adventure)! This offer will end March 31.


Caroline Vigneault said...

I'm going to pick what I am doing today, which is 11, going to Superstore and buying a cute dress for my little girl's baptism!

Dyan Robson said...

These have been my favorite so far...

14: Movies for Mommies
26: Here's to You, McNally Robinson
53: Free Intro to Baby Signs
54: BabyTalk Lectures at Rusty Macdonald
62: Learn Infant Massage

julie said...

i'd definately have to say #32: A Tropical Get-Away to the Conservatory tops my list. nothing better then a nice warm pretty place to spend a cold wintery day in.
#9 breakfast on broadway was a must last week when the weather was nice. spent a whole day strolling when we had +14 weather...oh the early signs of spring - came and went so quickly lol

D+S Hildebrandt said...

My favorites would probably by: 27,21,64, and 14.

Kristy said...

I've enjoyed
8. Salsa Babies
14. Movies for Mommies
20. Cradle n'Core
34. Stars and Strollers

And now with a toddler...50.the zoo in winter is great too!

Tammy said...

There have been so many things we have enjoyed but our favorites so far have been #50, the zoo in the winter, #62 learn infant massage, and #41 the museum of natural resourses.

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