Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Sylvia Chave's New Album Encourages Kids to Shine

Sylvia Chave's New Album Encourages Kids to Shine
Our favourite children's entertainer, Sylvia Chave, released her third solo album, Shine, on September 15.

“With this new collection of tunes I hope to encourage kids to let their creativity, positivity and individuality shine.” As Sylvia sings, “I like that you are you, and me is me, and we are we are different!”

Shine features 13 of Sylvia’s original songs which came to life in-studio with vocal recordings from a few of her biggest little fans  -- including my son and daughter -- and multi-award-winning producer Bart McKay.
Singing with Sylvia Chave

The new album spans multiple genres. "It's Time to Party," is a dance-pop tune that is sure to get even the grumpiest grumps jumping and singing. Then there's the very singable "Nursery Rhyme Boogie," a rockabilly rendition of familiar nursery rhymes. "Going to the Library" captures my kids' attention with its fun sound effects and calypso-inspired beat.

Sylvia’s new patriotic anthem, "I Love My Oh Canada," could make any Canadian heart shine with pride {even my hybrid American-Canadian-resident heart}.

But, my personal favourite is "You Are Awesome," a beautiful bedtime {or anytime} tune for our kids. It's one of those songs I hope they find themselves singing to themselves when they get to be my age {as opposed to some of the crazy lyrics from the '80s that have been stuck in my head since childhood...I still don't know what a "safety dance" is.}

I mean, what if every child could hear and internalize these meaningful lyrics: "You are awesome. You're fantabulous. I see greatness in you, I do, I do. Dream big, dream small, doesn't matter at all. Dream big, dream small, and if you fall, you'll get back up again and carry on...."

Sylvia's new Shine album is available through Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.  If you're like me and still like to spin CDs in the mini-van, you can plan to pick one up during her upcoming concert series or by contacting Sylvia through her web site,

Singing with Sylvia Chave

Sylvia threw a fun concert and cake party to celebrate the album launch on September 15 in Delisle, and she sure does know how to throw a party!  There was cake, a fun photo booth with some of her beloved orange props and, of course, her high-energy concert.

She also held a release event at Confederation Mall in Saskatoon on October 6, where admission was by donation to Sylvia's Milk Money Fund. Sylvia donated $345 from the concert to the Saskatoon Food Bank to buy infant formula. Sylvia's Milk Money Fund has donated $1,000 since May 2019 -- another reason we consider Sylvia to be a shining superstars.

Sylvia Chave "It's Time to Party"

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