Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Kindergarteners Share "How to Get a Turkey"

Kindergarteners Share "How to Get a Turkey"

My daughter's Kindergarten teacher sent out a Thanksgiving e-mail with a special attachment. She had asked each one of our "little blessings" to share their thoughts on how to get and cook a turkey for this weekend. The creative responses from the 4- and 5-year-olds are priceless!

My daughter said, "I would get a turkey from the store. I would cook him in the microwave for maybe 10 or 50 minutes. I would put all the feathers and turkey stuff in the garbage. My microwave goes, 'deep, deep' or 'beep, beep' or some sound like that and that means the turkey is ready to eat. The turkey is going to be like chicken."

Her friends had other ideas:
  • "I don’t know where to get a turkey and my mommy doesn’t know where to get a turkey. Maybe a turkey grows in the garden. Wait, you don’t plant turkeys. I’ve never seen turkeys in stores, so maybe go to the forest. My mommy can only cook cake, so maybe you cook a turkey like a cake. Man, I don’t know about turkeys."
  • "Get a turkey from a bakery, where you can get meat. He will just look like meat. They usually ask you to take the turkey home to cook it. You could use the stove and a bunch of kitchen tools. I don’t think it will take very long to cook a turkey."
  • "I would run super, fast with my super, fast legs and I would grab the turkey. I’m going to put salt and pepper on the turkey and salad on him. I’ll cook him by the BBQ for 30 minutes. He will look burnt and meaty. He will taste good."
  • "Find a turkey in the forest. Put leaves on a turkey trap and then a net and capture the turkey. Put tape on the holes in the turkey so I can’t hear him. Put the turkey on the grill, he will get hot. Actually, I’ll take the turkey for a walk and he will fall asleep and then I’ll put him in the oven for like five minutes. Cuz I hear the beeping, like my mom does, I’ll know it’s done."
  • "You catch it like by grabbing it and take it home. Just walk with the turkey, because the teacher says we have to walk. Let the turkey eat some food, like eggs and then the turkey might have baby turkeys. You can have lots of turkeys on a turkey farm. Don’t eat them, but eat MacDonald’s instead."
  • "To find the turkey, look in the park. He will be on the swing and maybe be going down the slide. I will hold him like a baby and take him home. We will have to cut him and then take him to my friend’s house to share a meal with them."
  • "I would go to one of my grandparent’s farms. I would ask one of my uncles or grandparents to go in one of their trucks to find a turkey. My uncle would use an old lasso to catch the turkey. We put the turkey in the back of the truck with seatbelts and then we drive with him. We will cook him on a fire until he is crispy. Put some spices and sauces on him. If you need enough for everyone, catch two turkeys."
  • "Go into the woods and bring a tethascope, so I can see the turkey. I would probably throw a smoke grenade so he can’t see me coming. I’m going to go in and grab him and keep throwing smoke grenades so he doesn’t see that I’m taking him to my house. Get him to the house, say, “Honey, I’m home, grab a fork let’s eat turkey tonight!"
turkey craft

If you are looking for real turkey cooking tips this weekend, jump over to the Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan web site.

What would your kids say if you asked them this question? Do you have any other fun Thanksgiving stories to share? Love to hear them in the comments below!

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