Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

The Orange Album by Sylvia Chave

The Orange Album by Sylvia Chave
Saskatchewan’s Queen of the Swing Set Scene, Sylvia Chave, recently released her second solo album which she lovingly calls, The Orange Album. {It is her favourite colour after all.}

You will recognize this CD has paid for itself the first time your little one croons, “Momma says ‘no,’ she means no, and we all know that Momma knows best!”

While “Momma Said No,” is a much-deserved anthem for mothers, the rest of the songs in this compilation are most certainly written from a child’s perspective. Sylvia’s original songs deal with important subject matter for a kid, such as snoring dads, disappearing blankies, bubbles and cookie sprinkles. There is also no shortage of fun animal sounds like those in “Quackers” and “Bees Go Buzz.”

Sylvia’s lyrics aptly depict the spirit of a child, with adventure waiting around every corner. “Heading Out the Door,” is a catchy song that reminds children -- and perhaps more importantly, their parents -- that each time we step outside there is much to explore in this “great big world” of ours. As Sylvia sings, “Feeling the sun, breathing the air, that should be enough, but there’s more!” Whether it be “marching ants on a branch, lady bugs or slimy slugs,” our surroundings can provide an opportunity to learn and grow.

Her songs also stir imagination. In “Fiona,” Sylvia’s original tale of a flamenco-dancing fish creates an underwater vision that inspires children to follow their dreams no matter what others may say. {This song is a personal favourite.}

The final song on the The Orange Album is “Goodnight, Sleep Tight.” Your family will love this new lullaby, which has a great rock tempo . . . or perhaps I should say a great rocking tempo for bedtime.

From morning, to night, and all the magic moments in between, Sylvia’s Orange Album could be the perfect soundtrack for a child’s day.

Preview Sylvia's songs at CDs are available for purchase for $20 online. Enjoy them live at one of Sylvia's upcoming concerts!

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