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back-yard picnic

back-yard picnic

What a beautiful day we had today! While it was a little too windy for one, I was craving a picnic in the sunshine.

Little J, who will be two-and-a-half next month, helped me pack a "picnic lunch" of cheddar cheese, turkey, whole wheat bread, carrots, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes and strawberries. We grabbed one of his favourite books for "dessert," Mickey Mouse's Picnic.

We enjoyed sharing these finger foods and books on a blanket on our back deck, sheltered from the brisk winds. We had so much fun, and my son scarfed down each of these healthy foods . . . even the green stuff.

We followed it up with some play time in the terrific trees and playground at Buena Vista Park. With all the fresh air, he even settled down for an afternoon nap, which can be rare these days. 

The long-awaited warmer temperatures did us both good today. We look forward to more sunny days to come!


  1. One of the finest parks in town, I used to live two blocks from it and will make a special effort to go see the lilacs this year. :)

  2. Agreed, Jenny! There are so many picturesque trees and plants in Buena Vista Park! We love it there.


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