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write your own restaurant review

You may leave your own restaurant reviews in the comments section below.  Feel free to use our pacifier system. (Or not -- it's YOUR review!)

  • Three Pacifiers: restaurant comes highly rated and likely has change tables, high chairs and a kid-friendly atmosphere
  • Two Pacies: somewhat child-friendly, but may lack a change table or another child-friendly feature
  • One Pacie: suggests that the restaurant is not particularly welcoming to children of all ages, but it might be enjoyable for an older child
  • Ditch the Pacie -- It's Date Night!  Enjoy a special date night without the kids.


  1. Earls is also not very kid friendly...they don't provide high chairs.

  2. I really like the Boston Pizza in Briarwood. Not sure if all the other locations are the same, but this Boston Pizza has great high chairs for infants/toddlers with a toy that fits on the tray to entertain baby while you wait for your meal. They have a free toddler meal as well.

  3. Ricebowl on 33rd deserves 4 pacis. They have a change table in the ladies' and highchairs. The booths are big enough to fit a car seat, and the cook even came out of the kitchen to viait with our LO

  4. EE Burritos ~ They have lots of storybooks and coloring books for kids to borrow. The servers always bring our toddler rice and beans right away, free of charge! Plus, the whir of the blenders at the bar keep the baby sleeping and drown out some of our toddler's noisier moments. :)

  5. Foxy’s on Central gives kids a magna-doodle to draw on while they wait for their food.

  6. Chili's is a 3 pacifiers rating for sure! Change tables, highchairs, coloring sheets and they have a FREE baby dish of mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli for little ones. Free drink for kids as well. A great dining experience- especially after going to Earls where children are treated as vermin.

  7. Boston pizza on 51st is the only one that has toy prizes at the end of your meal as well they are not always busy there in comparison to the other ones.

  8. Montanas and east side marios has a kids night where they offer lots of stuff for the kids

  9. One Pacifier goes to Las Palopos. There food is great, but they aren't baby friendly. No change table and no strollers allowed inside or on patio. I called ahead to ask if I could fold up a stroller to sit along wall (took the carseat off to sit in booth with me). I was told it would be fine and we arrived after a lunch rush around 1:30. The stroller was out of sight and out of the way, but the owner's wife made it clear she wasn't too happy with us.


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