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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

parent-friendly restaurant reviews

Click on the name of a restaurant below to read a short and sweet (or sometimes not-so-sweet) review from a parent's point of view.  Or, click here to write your own! A restaurant's "parental friendliness" is determined by a set of criteria and rated with one to three pacifiers. We also have suggestions for places to go for special date nights without the kids.

three pacifiers ~ these restaurants come highly rated and likely have change tables, high chairs and a welcoming atmosphere
Alexander's, 414 Cumberland Avenue North
Boomtown Café, 2610 Lorne Avenue South
Broadway Café, 814 Broadway Avenue
Broadway Roastery on 8th, 2318 8th Street East
Calories, 721 Broadway Avenue
Keo's Kitchen, 1013 Broadway Avenue
Park Café, 515 20th Street West
Red Lobster, 2501 8th Street East

two pacifiers ~ these restaurants are basically child-friendly, but may lack a change table or another child-friendly feature 
Amigo's, 10th & Dufferin
Go For Sushi, Suite 31C-2105 8th St. East
New Island Chinese & Japanese Restaurant2036B Quebec Ave.
Pacific Gallery Fine Arts CaféLandsdowne, Temperance &14th St. East 

one pacifier ~ suggests the restaurant is not particularly welcoming to children of all ages but that it may be enjoyable for an older child
Homestead Ice Cream & Cappucino, 822 Victoria Avenue

ditch the pacies -- it's date night!
Bliss Fine Dining1002 Broadway
Original Joe's, 8th Street

more restaurant reviews from parents like you!
These ratings are subjective opinions of the author based on percieved friendliness toward parents of small children. We welcome other opinions and experiences in the comments section of each restaurant review or via e-mail. You may also write your own review of a restaurant that has not yet been highlighted. Watch for new restaurants to be added soon.


  1. I'm going to have to try some of these out! I love this feature about your site.

  2. Thanks, A! More to come. Feel free to pass along any of your favourites!

  3. Another 4 pacifier one I think would be Montana's. They have highchairs and booster seats. They have a great kids menu and it isn't quiet in there. We have taken our twin boys there quite a few times. And Original Joe's should be a ditch the one under 19 can eat there.

  4. Thanks for the reviews. In a few more weeks I'm taking my son to Amigos for his first avocado.

  5. I cannot believe Homestead Icecream got 2 pacifiers; it doesn't even belong on the chart. They do not allow strollers in their establishment, and they just built a new building, so they certainly could accommodate this. Basically, they don't even want children in the store; they will speak to you very sternly if your children even touch the glass. You pretty much need one adult per child so you can pick up your child to see the icecream, and even then they will give you dirty looks. This is not their employees, this is the owner. I feel badly for single parents who think it is child-friendly, then must leave their stroller outside, with all the bibs, wipes, etc. necessary for an icecream outing.

    They also do not allow bicycles anywhere near the building. My sister went with a university friend and witnessed a man in his 20's getting yelled at for setting his bike near the fence in the outdoor eating area...I don't blame him for wanting to keep an eye on his bike while eating. The owner himself came out and yelled at him.

    Many people I know have had the same experience and boycott this restaurant. Our experiences are not unique. There have been articles in the Star Phoenix.

    I think the owners want customers who are in their 40-60's, no children, foot traffic only. I guess if they are willing to take a cut in business, it is their right to allow which customers they want. I do not like to go there and pay to get treated disrespectfully; I take my children to the little icecream stand beside the Broadway Theatre.

  6. I very strongly agree with the comment about homestead ice cream...they were very rude to us and watched my kids with dirty looks the whole time we were in there...we felt like criminals. For a place that you would think was kids friendly it is very much not!!!! I will never so there or not!

  7. I found when they moved into the new building is when they got weird about strollers and kids, we use to go when it was smaller and quainter in the smaller front part where there is a resturant now. I don't go there anymore because of the stroller thing, when your kids are small and you are out for a walk you have no choice

  8. Yep, I agree with the Homestead Icecream comments too. I also, had the exact same experience. VERY RUDE & POOR BUSINESS SKILLS. They have never had my business and NEVER will!

  9. I was very shocked when I came in with my toddler and 3 week old baby in a stroller and was told to leave the stroller outside. She was very snappy at me and quite rude. I was upset as I had had a c-section and to really be looking after a toddler and carrying a baby car seat, to leave the stroller outside, was really not practical! I thought it was supposed to be a family-friendly environment. Obviously not. That's really too bad that this is what it is like.

  10. Jerrys is our favorite. It is extremely family and kid friendly. Their staff is always polite and welcoming. Best of all, you can bring your stroller in!!!

  11. Another restaurant that you may want to consider is the Saskatoon Asian Restaurant, 136 2nd Avenue South - personally, I'd give it a 3 pacifier rating, as it does not have a change table, but they do have both high chairs and boosters, as well as many child friendly menu items (though, not specifically a kid's menu) My 8 month old daughter and I dine there frequently and she loves the rice noodle. I find that the service is quite fast, even during busy times. Hope this helps some :D

  12. My latest favourite lunch place is the cafe in the western Devlopment Museum. Its a great place for little kids to run and explore then have lunch or a snack in the cafe. The food comes very quickly, is a decent price, and quality is fine (not too special). High chairs, booster seats and often not too busy. 4 stars in my books. PS you do not have to pay admission to the museum if you just want to go for lunch.

  13. Oh ya, and Origional Joes should be moved from one pacifier to Date night... They will not admit children or infants under any circumstances. Tried to have lunch there with a sleeping 1 month old and was turned away.

  14. Boston Pizza (Lakewood) other than game night and Fuddruckers (on 8th) anytime when little ones can watch activity all around, also worked for me.

  15. It would be great to include which night restaurants have family nights such as Fuddruckers kids eat free.

  16. Chianti's I found to be a great place to take my new born as well as toddlers. I believe both washrooms had chance tables and the have a kids menu they can colour in.

    Also the new pizza place on 8th street next to superstore was very friendly when we took our new born in for lunch

  17. Ok, I know this is an old post, but in case anyone is still looking an unknown gem is Marquis Hall Cafeteria (above the bookstore at the uni). Kids 4 and under eat free. No waiting, as it's a buffet. Includes drinks and dessert in the price. Easy to pick what the kids might like. And they do BRUNCH on Sunday! Continental Breakfast (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.) $7.45
    Hot Breakfast (Wed. Only) $9.95
    Brunch $12.45
    Lunch $11.45
    Kids (5 - 10 years old) $4.95
    Kids (4 and under) Complimentary
    Dinner $12.45


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