Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

life lines for saskatoon parents

Feel like you need to use one of your life lines?
Go ahead. Phone a friend!

Emergencies: 911
Breastfeeding Centre: 306-655-4806
24-Hour Health Line:  811 or 1-877-800-0002
Healthy and Home: 306-655-4858
Immunizations:  306-655-4620
La Leche League: 306-655-4805
North Health Centre: 306-655-4700
Oral Health Program: 306-655-4462
Our Neighbourhood Health Centre: 306-655-4950
Poison Centre: 1-866-454-1212
Postpartum Depression: 306-221-6806
Public Health Nutritionist: 306-655-4331
Royal University Hospital Switchboard: 306-655-1000
Saskatoon City Hosptial Switchboard: 306-655-8000
South East Health Centre: 306-655-4730 
St. Paul's Hospital Switchboard: 306-655-5000
West Winds Health Centre: 306-655-4275

Also include on your list:
Family Doctors:
Your Biggest Supporters:
New Mom Friends:

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