Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

day 12: article

It turns out I was a bit "trigger-happy" when it came to my "Day 11: Triggers" post yesterday. I made some assumptions about the motives of Facebook in removing the Capture Your Grief event before I had heard the entire story.

Although this is not an "article" per se, today I would like to share this video clip from Carly Marie, the founder of the Capture Your Grief project. Not only does this shed some light into why Facebook might have done what it did, but I believe it also provides wise insight that speaks to me where I am in my own grief journey.

The first lesson I take from this video, and my initial reaction to the whole situation, is that words and actions are easily misinterpreted...especially when we are feeling especially vulnerable.

There have been numerous times over the past two years when I have felt deeply injured by words or actions from both strangers and people I love. My mom recently commented in passing to me that I had been "overly sensitive" for some time after Ava. {I can assure you I felt "overly sensitive" about this comment itself.} But, my skin must be getting a bit thicker so that I might analyze her comment a bit more objectively.

I do believe that at times I was unable to see through the haze of hurt to analyze motives behind certain comments and actions. It was an easy leap for my wounded heart to assume things were done out of a lack of concern for me and my child. I am learning along the way that most people don't mean to say or do hurtful things. Most of the time they are doing the best that they can with what they know.

However, as this video clearly outlined, there are some people out there who either lack empathy or truly wish to wound others. I don't understand. I cannot change them. These should


Speak love. No matter what.

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