Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Woof'em Campfire Creations

Woof'em Campfire Creations
One exceptionally beautiful summer evening, I texted my backyard neighbour.
Me: "When you see the fire, come over."
Her: "Will bring stuff for woof'ems. I have two sticks."
Me: 😐 "What's a woof'em?"
Then: Google.

Oh. My. Goodness. I was downright giddy with excitement in finding a new food activity to enjoy around our backyard chiminea and farm bonfires. {Yes, new foods make me giddy. . . especially when they involve chocolate. And marshmallows. And campfires.}

Woof'ems are fire-roasted dough cups filled with your choice of yumminess. The crispy, hot cup melts all the ooey-gooey-goodness inside.

My first try at a woof'em was pure masterpiece! I stuffed my cup made from canned biscuit dough with mini marshmallows, dark chocolate chips, strawberries, slivered almonds and whipped cream.

The beautiful thing is you could make any variety of fillings. My daughter's woof'ems are basically just a vehicle for Reddi-whip. But, my mind just races with all the delicious possibilities: apple or cherry pie filling, apricot jam, pudding . . . And then, it shifts to all of the savoury possibilities: pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese, chili and cheese, taco meat and cheese, ham and cheese. . . basically anything with cheese!

I know I had you at chocolate . . . and cheese. So, where do you get a woof'em stick of your own?

My friend purchased hers from Jessica, the local maker behind Creations by J. To date, I have purchased 24 woof'em sticks from Jessica for ourselves, for gifts or to pass along to others who have caught my enthusiasm for these new campfire creations. Her wooden woof'em sticks are sold in pairs for $12.

You can find her sticks at Joyne Collective Marketplace, while supplies last, or by messaging her online at @creationsbyjyxe on Instagram or via her Creations by J Facebook page.

Once you have your sticks, you can make woof'ems with these five easy steps: 
1. Oil the woof-em stick with your choice of spray or oil, if it is new. Then flatten and spread canned biscuit dough over the woof'em stick.
2. Slowly roast the dough in the fire, rotating the stick so that all sides and the edges turn golden brown.
3. When it is done, remove the dough. It will be hot, so consider using a dish towel or a napkin to help protect your fingers. You want it to be hot while you fill it with the goodies.
4. Fill it up with gooey goodness.
5. Woof'em and repeat!

{This is my sweet niece who enjoyed woof'ems for the first time while visiting us this summer.}

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