Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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Feeding the Fam

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Celebrating Food Day Canada

Celebrating Food Day Canada
Today is #FoodDayCanada, a day honouring all of the hard-working farmers and ranchers who feed our families and celebrating all the yummy food produced in Canada.

Just think, if you and I were parenting a century ago, we would have had to produce much of our own food to feed our families. Thanks to Canadian farming families and modern agricultural practices, we have abundant year-round access to safe, nutritious, affordable food. Since we no longer have to produce our own food, we can spend more time pursuing the careers, hobbies and family time that we desire. It is easy to take this all for granted sometimes, isn't it?

This video from Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan gives a quick glimpse of a few of our Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers in action. {P.S. The cute farmer and girlie at 0:16 are mine!}

What's your favourite Canadian food?

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