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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Global's Julie Mintenko Shares Pregnancy Journey

Global's Julie Mintenko Shares Pregnancy Journey

At the end of an evening newscast in early March, Global News Saskatoon Anchor Julie Mintenko shared some exciting news with viewers: she and her husband Kelly were expecting their first child in September.

Having worked on-air with Global Saskatoon for eight years, Julie is a regular guest in many local living rooms across the city. Yet, the feedback that poured in following her announcement surprised her.

"People have been so kind and gracious in their well-wishes. I was shocked that so many people really cared that I was having a baby," Julie said. "Viewers have sent nice comments, cards, and someone even sent some hand-knitted booties for the baby!"

Julie was close to four months when she shared the news. "That same day I told everyone at work, then I asked if I could announce it on-air that night. I wanted to be a mom for a long time, so I wanted to shout it from the rooftops!"

Since her mom said she had been "Kate Middleton sick" with her pregnancies, Julie said she was concerned about experiencing nausea during a live show.

"I kept waiting for the nausea to hit, and then it didn't," she said. "I have been really lucky. I'm one of those pregnant women that a lot of pregnant women would probably hate."

While her pregnancy has been smooth-sailing, Julie said her journey to parenthood has not been.

Julie and Kelly were married seven years ago and, like many parents, they pictured becoming parents within the first few years. And, like many parents, they struggled to conceive.

"I knew it was common to take a while, but eventually it became obvious that something wasn't right," Julie shared. "We had all of the fertility testing done, and were told by our doctor that there shouldn’t be any reason preventing us from becoming pregnant."

Fertility drugs were suggested to boost their chances but, unsure about going that route, they waited and tried for another few years. They were eventually referred to the private system for what Julie described as an "emotional, difficult and isolating experience I wouldn't wish on any couple."

"It was a challenge to keep stress at bay," she said. "I was injecting fertility drugs in the bathroom at work right before show time, and often would be reading the news with the thought in my head, 'Am I ever going to be a mom?'

As many couples can relate, Julie and her husband experienced often frustrating questions from well-meaning family, friends and colleagues: "So...when are you going to have a baby?" -or- "I thought you two would be parents by now, you'd be so good at it!" -or- "Do you just not want kids?" 

Julie attempted six rounds of the IUI fertility treatment. All six times were unsuccessful.

"By the end of it, I was feeling so angry, bitter, hopeless, and emotionally drained," she said. "But the two of us just weren’t ready to stop trying."

Although they were not given the best odds of success, Kelly and Julie were considering in vitro fertilization as a next step. But with Christmas around the corner, they decided to take a break for a couple months.

There was a story Julie had heard {and had rolled her eyes at} so many times. You know, the one about that friend of a friend who tries for years and just when they are about to give up, they become pregnant on their own.

"Yup. That was us," Julie said. "It just happened, finally."

Julie said she feels it important to be honest about her experience because, despite the large number of people facing infertility, everyone seems to feel alone in it.

"It was eye-opening to be exposed to the number of people who quietly go through the pain of this reality," she said. "There are many others who are feeling those same emotions, and many who have struggled even longer. I think it is important -- as women, moms or moms-to-be -- that we share both the good and the hard, difficult, sad parts of our journey."

I could not agree more, and I admire Julie and Kelly for sharing their story with me . . . and with you. Please join me in sending blessings and well-wishes to them as we await the joyous news of this long-awaited child's arrival!

{Continue reading more of's Q&A with Julie Mintenko.}

Julie Mintenko made a special announcement at the end of New Hour Final and has asked us to pass on this message:Dear...
Posted by Global Saskatoon on Wednesday, March 4, 2015


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Julie's story with us. <3

  2. You are welcome, Brianna. Thank you for the comment. It was an honour and pleasure to write this.

  3. UPDATE: Keaton Charles Robert Mintenko was born on Labour Day at 12:40 a.m. Julie refers to him as "6 lbs 6 ounces of joy!"

  4. We went through the same struggle... many attempts at iui and all failed, then many rounds of ivf (fresh and frozen), again all failed. We finally decided to stop... the hardest decision to make. The stress, emotionally and financially just became too much. During this time, we had good support from family and close friends. We told our story to those that would listen, and that was our way of coping. Couples shouldn't go through this alone. A close friend we had told asked one day if we had thought about adoption... in the end she knew someone who was planning to put her child up for adoption, so we connected and it was the best experience. I watched my baby girl being born, fed her for the first time and she has been with us ever since. She is our miracle and she filled that void that existed for so long. Please, to those who are currently struggling with infertility, speak out. Tell the world... you never know who is listening.

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