Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Western Family Road Trip -- Day 1

Western Family Road Trip -- Day 1
We are off on a 12-day, 4,000-kilometre, cross-border, family road trip!

My husband has a meeting in Vancouver, and we decided to tack some time on the front and back end of it for a summer vacation. Our itinerary includes Kananaskis, Vancouver, Portland, Yellowstone National Park and many fun points in between!

Thanks to Ford Canada, I have been given the awesome opportunity to take this sweet ride along on our adventures -- a 2015 Lincoln MKC.

I became a "mini-van mama" in 2013. With four of us, including a 6-foot-four husband, we opted for a Toyota Sienna when we were in the market for a new vehicle.

While were looking forward to 28 miles per gallon {versus 20 mpg with our van}, we were admittedly a bit nervous to down-size for this trip with the Lincoln MKC. We decided Ford's offer to take it for a cross-country test-drive was too good pass up and that it could just be part of the adventure.

We were pleasantly surprised that everything {minus the golf clubs} fit into the cargo area. And while there is not as much room as our mini-van, we all experienced a comfortable ride on our first day out. And it was a loooong ride. We were in this bad boy over nine-and-a-half hours on day 1, including two stops.

We left Saskatoon later than had hoped --at 11 a.m.-- and were ready for a picnic lunch by Kindersley, SK. We found a nice covered picnic table at the Kindersley & District Plains Museum. It was a good spot to stretch our legs for a few minutes, while taking in some interesting and historical things from the area.

We drove on through Calgary in the rain. {Something we haven't seen much of in Saskatoon this summer!} We enjoyed watching the rain hit the Lincoln MKC's panoramic moonroof, and prayed that it would make its way through Saskatchewan for some much-needed moisture.

Not far from the junction of Highway 201 and Highway 1, we stopped for supper at Van Gogh's Grill and Bar. Each of us enjoyed our meal at this family-friendly Greek and Italian restaurant.

We checked in to the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis at 8:30 p.m. My husband regularly stays at Delta Hotels on his business travels, so we scored an upgrade to a nice-sized room that we were very happy to see.

Lights out and looking forward to day 2 in beautiful Kananaskis Country!

You can follow along on our trip here on the blog and on Instagram @saskmomdotcom and #saskmomtravels.

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