Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

{ 20 percent off mabel's labels camp packs }

{ 20 percent off mabel's labels camp packs }

*This post contains affiliate links.*

I love Mabel's Labels. I put them on everything of my children's to avoid mix-ups at school.

With camp season coming up, and evidently in honour of "National Flip Flop Day" {who knew?}, Mabel's Labels is offering 20 percent off its Limited Edition Camp Label Packs with the Flip Flop icon for one day only. 

No coupon code is required but this deal is only available today through a special offer page. To access your 20 percent off, go to Mabel's Labels' Limited Edition Camp Label Pack special offer page today. 

Mabel's Label's camp label packs are filled with a collection of UV resistant, waterproof labels and personalized tags designed especially for everything that goes to summer camp. Identify clothes and footwear, toiletries, swim gear, backpacks and more with these summer essentials.

They last for years through the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. They last so long, I have started purchasing Mabels Labels with our last name only, so that the items might be handed down from kid to kid within our extended family.

Now, I'm going to get my flip-flops on and get outside to enjoy this beautiful day!   

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