Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Make Your Own Puff Paint

Make Your Own Puff Paint

I'm not a very crafty person, but THIS I can do.

1 part shaving cream +  1 part white glue = fun do-it-yourself puff paint! 

You basically just mix these two together until it forms stiff peaks. I used a disposable cup and a disposable spoon to do the mixing. We even used the back of the spoon for painting.

You can keep it white and paint snowmen, clouds, snowflakes {or a "scawy snow monster" like my son}. Or you can add washable finger-paints to the mix to add color.

I also love that you can layer all types of things on top of the paint: buttons, fabric, paper, scraps of string, stickers. Just smack anything you want on the page and it will stick as your puff paint dries.

You can use a rag or paper towel to wipe off any messes you don't want on the page {or off the page for that matter}.

I checked our paint after about an hour and it was dry to the touch.  At this point, you can smoosh it around a bit to add some different textures. The masterpiece is fully dry after a couple of hours.

This can be very messy, especially if attempting with a two-year-old, but it is also very easy to clean up. Since we used washable paints, it all came off our table, clothes, walls and floor. {Yes, we had a good old time with this craft!}

If the thought of the clean-up is giving you heart palpitations, you can do a "cleaner" version in the bathtub by keeping the shaving cream, eliminating the glue and adding in food colouring for fun foam bath paints.

Have fun!

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