Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Simple Treasures

Simple Treasures

We were digging for hidden treasures in our backyard sandbox this morning.

I had thrown together bits of small unloved trinkets from the bottom of a toybox, a few buttons and baubles from an unused sewing kit and a few decorative marbles from the bottom of a dusty vase finally ousted from its unwelcome stint atop my bedroom bureau.

It was quite surprising to witness these cast-offs magically transform into coveted treasures once deposited into a box of backyard sand. My kids are very content to discover these recycled objects, bury them, and dig them up again and again. Today I just had to marvel at the simplicity of it all.

True contentment is a treasure buried within each of us that can only be unearthed through gratitude.

Everything in our lives can either be seen as trash or treasure. Sometimes all it takes is dusting off an experience or a mindset and repurposing it for something better. . . for a lesson, for growth, for someone else or for the gift it truly is.

Is there any trash in your house that you can turn into treasure today, actually or metaphorically?

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