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Island Chalkboard

Island Chalkboard
So far in our kitchen update, my favourite suggestion from the ladies of Fabulous Design+ has been to create a chalkboard area on my kitchen island. I don't know who loves to use it more, me or my kids!

We first considered chalkboard paint, which undoubtedly would look amazing, but I hesitated due to the long-term impact on the wood.


Then Marilena found this fantastic option from Indigo. It is a 25" X 38" peel and stick chalkboard decal that is easily removed and repositioned. {This is an important feature. Just ask my husband.}

At $17.50, the price was definitely budget-friendly. It has been worth every penny as a place to inspire creativity, create reminders and menus, leave love notes and share inspirational quotes. It is also a great distraction for a little someone who loves to follow me into the kitchen while I am cooking.

I clean it with a soft cloth on a regular basis and it looks great. It has already sustained a hardly-noticeable scratch, and I'm not sure if it was from a toy, a hockey stick or a rough chalk corner. {The instructions and online reviews did warn us to smooth out chalk edges before using.}

Bit by bit, we are sprucing up our kitchen space with some inexpensive updates thanks to the expertise of our friends at Fabulous Design+.  For more, click on the #saskmomfabkitchen tag on this blog, visit the Fabulous Design File Blog or visit our shared project hashtag on Instagram: #saskmomfabkitchen.


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