Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

Bringing Sexy Back: Las Vegas Trip

Bringing Sexy Back: Las Vegas Trip
Great memories, fun pictures and a lighter wallet are not the only things I brought back from my pre-anniversary trip to Las Vegas. I actually feel like I found my SEXY again!

Somewhere among the poopy diapers, snot-streaked shoulders and dishpan hands, I believe I lost track of this important part of myself. More regrettably, I think I stopped believing that it was an important part of myself. 

While I was on this trip without my wonderful children, I applied full make-up and styled my hair every day. Accomplishing both has become quite rare for me lately. 

I laid in the warm sun in a bikini, for crying out loud. My poor belly -- which has weathered a recent miscarriage, three full-term pregnancies and an equal number of cesareans over the past five years -- hasn't seen the sun shine in I don't know when. 

With each passing hour away from my mothering routines, I could feel "the SEXY" inching her way back into my psyche. "Oh, yeah! I remember this girl! She's a blast!" {My husband thinks so, too. Winky-wink.}

Every evening I got dressed up in a nice outfit and went out to a decadent dinner with a handsome man. We even went out dancing a couple nights. One night we went to the Bourbon Room at the Venetian, which plays nothing but hits from the 80s. I knew every word to every song and, yes, we partied like it was 1999, or at least 1989. 
{ that's us on the front left in this photo courtesy of The Bourbon Room's facebook page  }
There was a moment, as a Poison song was blasting through this ultra-cheesy 80s bar, that I started getting teary. The music was bringing back such memories about where I was and who I was back before kids and a husband. I led a somewhat exciting life before my family. But, I became overwhelmed with such gratitude for my life now. 

I feel so lucky to have had a little luxurious break from the day-to-day details of motherhood. And, how blessed am I that I get to go back to lovely Saskatoon with a wonderful man, to two amazing people who call me Mama and with my long-lost SEXY back where she belongs?

I guess I am living proof that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

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