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mogathon 2013: running a road to better health

mogathon 2013: running a road to better health

Yesterday I accomplished a long-time personal goal of mine, and I am just so excited {and I just can't hide it}. I completed my first 5K race at the 2013 Mogathon after a long hiatus from running.

For the past few years I have struggled a bit with my physical strength. With two cesarean births in two years and severe diastasis recti (an abdominal muscle separation that I could fit my fist into) my core was very weak. While I sought physical therapy for the diastisis, I was advised to take things very slowly or else risk worsening the muscle separation. This healing process took about nine months after I had my daughter Ava, and then I was blessed with another pregnancy.

This time, I was thrilled to hear after several months of physical therapy and weight loss efforts, my four-finger-width abdominal separation had healed to only one finger-width, which is "good enough" to resume more strenuous types of exercise.

I saw this as my opportunity to make up for lost time. Although I had not run at all {except to chase after my little guy} since before kids, I made it my goal to run a 5K race this fall without stopping.

About 12 weeks ago I started the Couch to 5K running program, and it helped me to ease back into running without too much pain. I did not do the program perfectly {surprise-surprise}, but I still became conditioned enough to complete Saturday's 5K . . . without stopping to walk!

The Mogathon was a perfect race for me as it was so relaxed and family-oriented. My husband pushed the double stroller with the kids, and we all truly enjoyed the morning together. They even offered face-painting, a bouncy castle, balloon animals and other activities for the kidlets after the race. It was a beautiful day for such a wonderful accomplishment, and I loved that I could share it with my family. It will definitely go on the calendar for next year, along with a few other races!

I am sure there are many out there who can relate to a bit of an uphill journey {or is it more of a downhill slide?} physically after bearing our lovely children. I can highly recommend taking time to allow your body to heal properly and seeking the guidance of a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor and core strengthening.

I know all too well the pressure to get back "into shape" after having a baby. For a majority of us, our motherly shapes are different than our pre-baby shape. This is normal. This is okay. This is a process that we need to approach gently with ourselves and with others. The most important thing is listening to your body and your doctor and striving to be as healthy as you can be for yourself and your family.

What does your health journey look like after kids? I welcome your story in the comments section below. 


  1. P.S. I just found out I finished in the top half of the 5K race! I am so very proud of myself. (Thanks for listening.)

  2. Super impressed! Love you and miss you, friend! Andy and I went on a family church retreat back at that place outside of Stillwater where the retreat was that you and I became friends at! (And Andy and I had our first conversation ever there!) We both thought of you and missed you and wished your family could be there with us! -tara

  3. Thanks, Tara! I remember staying up very late with you on the first day we met, as if we were already old friends just catching up with each other. I love and miss you, too!

  4. My inspiration! So proud of you! We were bumpies mates together over two years ago, you have since had another baby, and this lazy gal here is still barely off the couch... I'll get there, you did get me to train for it for 5 weeks!!!

  5. Thank you, Marilena! You inspire me in so many ways, too. You are far from lazy! So glad I get to do life with you...all the ups and downs! :)


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