Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

no foot too small

no foot too small
It is difficult to fathom that the Earth has made an entire loop around the sun since we met and said goodbye to our precious daughter Ava Faith on June 4, 2011. But, the lilacs are blooming again. It must be true.

Beautiful lilacs, both friends and strangers brought to the church for our baby's funeral a year ago. These fragrant offerings were some of the many beautiful acts of kindness made toward our family, not only from those who were closest to us, but also from people we had never met before.

While we were still in Royal University Hospital after Ava's delivery, we were given a pink bear and card that said, "There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world." Our nurses said the bears were donated by another family who had lost a baby there several years before.

Although my heart was shattered and my body spent, I felt immense hope and inspiration through that loving gesture from this unknown family. I had not been the first. I would not be the last. I would make it through that day, that week, the first month, the first Christmas, the first Mother's Day and now what would have been her first birthday weekend.

Not only has my family made it through these milestones, but I also feel we have been transforming along the way into stronger, more compassionate people. We continue to be inspired by the quote from the hospital card and the kindnesses shown to us over the past year.

As Ava's first year in our lives comes to a close, it is our hope that her little footprints will continue to travel widely through those who remember her. The attached card offers a suggestion for how you might help us honour our sweet girl's memory during her upcoming one-year milestone while also inspiring others around you.

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  1. What a great idea, Laura. I got the card with my blue bear, and it was a lovely encouragement to me too. May you be strengthened by family this weekend as you celebrate Ava with those who love her too.
    Ruth Eliason

  2. Love the card, the song and the idea. You words touched me again! Thanks Laura, for spreading your love for Ava to everyone of us...

  3. You are such a strong, wonderful mother!

    Hugs to you and beautiful family :)

  4. A few days ago, while cutting flowers from my lilac bushes, I thought of your precious baby girl Ava. Thinking of her breaks my heart and gives me hope at the same time. You are a wonderful mother for remembering her in this way. Lots of loving prayers and thoughts for you, Ava, and your family.

  5. Laura, I would absolutely like to help someone in little Ava's memory, so I have made a donation to Free the Children. And now that I've done that, I'm going to continue to do so monthly.

    No foot too small, little muffin. God bless, Laura.

  6. Thanks so much to each of you who have read and commented and shared yourselves with others!

    It is an indescribable feeling to know our daughter's tiny footprints continue to leave a mark on the world!

    Hugs to you and your families!

  7. Beautiful, Laura.
    Thank you for inspiring me!
    Praying for you & your family.
    I am going to do a 'random act of kindness' today in honor of your baby girl.



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