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{ get business! }

{ get business! }
Saskmom.com give-aways, deals and discounts have become popular ways to create excitement about a local product or service. 

Each give-away, exclusive deal or discount includes a short informational article and a week or more of prominent promotion through saskmom.com's home page, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Saskmom.com give-aways and deals require a $20 service fee. (One complimentary give-away will be provided with advertising commitments of three months or more. Discounts are available for exclusive deals that extend for six months or more or that are paired with other display advertising.) 

Exclusive deals, discounts or gifts with purchase may be provided for saskmom.com followers through promotion codes, printable coupons or by other means determined by the business owner. Each deal will be advertised with a 125 X 500 pixel banner under the "deals" tab on the saskmom.com navigation bar.

We are unable to provide e-mail addresses accumulated during a give-away. However, after a draw, we will send a consolation e-mail to each individual who entered, through which a business may choose to provide additional information, special offers or promotional codes in order to encourage a higher percentage of direct business from the give-away.

Use PayPal to purchase your give-away or deal:

Contact us for more information.

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