Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

fireman mommy to the rescue

Our house was egged last night for the second time in a couple weeks. While it is an obvious annoyance, today it actually gave Little J and I opportunity for an unexpectedly cool outdoor adventure.

I dressed my little man up in his rain gear and rubber boots and put on his “fireman’s toque” and we took turns using the “fire hose” to wash off the siding of our house. We were having so much fun that we went ahead and cleaned the dirt off the siding of the garage as well.

Little J kept in character through the entire experience and kept yelling, “Fireman J and Fireman Mommy to the rescue!” The fun role-playing with my son made me feel a lot less annoyed by the senseless act of vandalism. It actually might be something we pretend to do in the future.

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  1. Laura, what a beautiful way to express your love for sweet Ava. She will forever be in your heart and always on your mind. Glad to see you are feeling better and enjoying those fun times with Jackson.
    Love to you all,


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