Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

someone should invent a split-screen ultrasound monitor

someone should invent a split-screen ultrasound monitor
It's hard to believe I am half-way through this pregnancy already. As compared to my first pregnancy, this time the weeks seem to be flying by. This is likely because my focus is diverted a great deal by a cute and busy 2 year old this time around.

Case in point, we recently went for our 20-week ultrasound. My husband, Little J and I were very excited to get a glimpse of our baby for the first time!

Little J sat in Daddy's lap as the technician rolled her magic wand over my belly and the first images of our baby came into view. I was absolutely mesmerized by the tiny beating heart and other wiggling bits on the screen.

I should say, I was mesmerized until Little J started being his cutie-pie self. "Look Daddy, baby in mama tummy!  Hi, baby!"

My gaze quickly turned over my other shoulder and I became completely enthralled in watching Little J and his Daddy smiling and talking about what they saw on the screen behind me.  I started to weep -- partly because of the cocktail of baby-making hormones coursing through my body, partly because of an overwhelming feeling that I was missing something special no matter which way I looked, but mostly because of the absolute beauty of this moment with my little family.

And so the divided attention among my children begins. . .

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