Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

playing in the kitchen

playing in the kitchen
Little J recieved a little play kitchen from Granny and Grandad and little stainless steel pots and pans from Santa this year. He absolutely loves them!

Before Christmas one of my Facebook friends from high school was wondering aloud, whether he should ignore his son's Christmas request for a play kitchen and instead get him a shotgun. (Yes, I'm a proud graduate of Redneck High.) I brushed it off as a joke until a couple moms started replying that they, too, had been asked by their sons for play kitchens, but they laughed at them and, instead, bought them something to play in the dirt with.

I have plenty of things for Little J to play in the dirt with, but I am thrilled to encourage his interests in cooking, cleaning and nurturing. Boys need to explore these roles and basic life skills just as much as little girls.

I am somewhat shocked that there are parents in my generation who still seem uncomfortable with departures from the traditional gender play, as though it might have undesirable long-term ramifications on their children. I personally can only foresee positive results from my son playing and helping in the kitchen or role-playing with baby dolls. I like to think it will help him grow to become a more self-sufficient adult and a great spouse and father, if he so desires.

I also try to include my two-year-old in real household activities such as cooking, baking and cleaning as much as possible. With a little patience on my part, it is something we truly can enjoy together.

In this picture, Little J and I paused for a quick pic while mixing up the batter for a pumpkin roll, my signature holiday dessert. Every time I bake it, someone begs me for the recipe. It's a tasty and impressive-looking dessert that Little J loves to bake and eat!

Click here for "Little J's Pumpkin Roll" recipe.


  1. i agree laura - there is absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging all children to play with all sorts of toys! as a mother of three boys, and the wife to a husband who enjoys cooking, my boys think its normal for dads to be in the kitchen, cooking, baking, doing dishes, wearing an apron. from my point-of-view, it is damn sexy to see a man working in the kitchen!

  2. Agreed! My husband also cooks and cleans, and I am so thankful for that!

    I also appreciate that you point out the flip side as well. If #2 is a girl, she will have trains and John Deere tractors and will be encouraged to help out on the farm when we are at the grandparents' house.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My son loved playing 'cooking' at that age. The only 'gender' thing I did go along with was the pink in our kitchen (just not modern enough for that).
    My 2yr old girl loves her train set, and dolls, and her brothers nerf guns, and dirt bikes and princess dresses. I'm all for well-rounded kids!


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