Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

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 Singing with Sylvia for Christmas

an exciting football season, nonetheless

an exciting football season, nonetheless
What a disappointing evening it was for Riders fans, huh?! 

My family experienced a doubly-sad football weekend because my university football team, the Oklahoma State Cowboys, lost a big rivalry that sent them from ninth-and-climbing to 14th in the Bowl Championship Series.

Although it didn't end up being the historic year that we'd hoped for either team, it will be a memorable season for me, personally, because it was the year our son truly discovered football. He adorably spent most of the season yelling "Fall down! Fall down!" at the players on the television.

During the last few weeks, Little J awakened from his deep sleep in the mornings saying, "Go Widers! Oklahoma . . . Cowboys!"  His father's and my hearts melted just a little more every time.

This picture was obviously not taken yesterday. But, it is one of my favourite pictures of our little guy in his Rider gear because he insisted on wearing this mismatched outfit that day. (I also love the dirt ring around his mouth from eating fresh carrots directly from the garden.)

Thanks for an exciting season, Riders. We look forward to next year!

1 comment:

  1. Cute! So sad for the riders! I loved the atmosphere of the city... everyone in green, I thought it was Saint P's day! As for your OSU Cowboys, I guess now that the Huskers are leaving the Big 12, we will not be as rivals anymore :)))
    Stay cool (or warm, in your case!)


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