singing with sylvia's halloween howl

Little J and I had a great time at Singing with Sylvia's Halloween Howl this afternoon!  It was Little J's first concert and he had a great time dancing, clapping, twirling and running right up to the front. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him and singing along with Sylvia myself.

Sylvia was born to be a children's performer.  She is so energetic and interactive and she performs with the children in her audience . . . definitely not AT them. She has great organization that keeps the show going and the little ones spellbound, yet she has a great sense of humour and a go-with-the-flow attitude that serves her well when little monkeys like mine bound right up to her for a better look during her show.

Each kid received a Halloween colouring page and a treat upon exit.  And, a few lucky families recieved one of Sylvia's CDs and T-shirts. It was quite a coincidence that two of the four moms who won concert tickets through also won the draw for Sylvia's prizes at the concert!  Congrats!

Click below to view a quick slideshow from today's performance. And, click here to find out more about the upcoming shows in Singing with Sylvia's Concert Series.


Anonymous said...

I would love tickets to the Friday morning show. My daughter, husband, and I will be dressed as dalmations. :-)

Carey Allchurch

Laura Monchuk said...

Make sure you enter the draw for the 2011 show here:

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