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infant massage give-away

infant massage give-away
Infant massage has been said to aid in the development of a baby's brain, body and his or her bond with parents. Studies have shown it promotes deeper sleep and less crying. My doctor even recommended massage to help my son's digestion when when he was having constipation issues

Learn more about the benefits of baby reflexology, share special time with your baby and get out of the house to meet other parents and infants during an upcoming Infant Massage and Reflexology Workshop from Mommy Hands Baby Sign Language.   

From 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, June 10, at the Rusty Macdonald Library, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist Roz Jutras will teach parents of newborns up to six months techniques for enhancing parent and baby bonding through touch. She also will teach relaxation techniques to help deal with the hectic life of parenthood, such as foot reflexology, "Mommy Minute Meditation" and parent and baby yoga poses.

Click here and scroll down the page for more information and registration.

Roz is offering a free registration to this workshop for one lucky follower!  To enter, share your first name and one of your "sanity savers" that you have found as a parent of a little one below. Entries will close at noon on Friday, June 4, and the winning entry will be selected through

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